Air Conditioner Installation Services


Whether you are looking to replace your current air conditioning system or utilize entirely new equipment, our cooling installation services are the solution to your needs. At Dominion, our professionals will help you safely and efficiently install your desired cooling system, ensuring it is operating at peak performance.

When the temperature inside your home is desirable and cool, the comfort level is unmatched. Our professionals work diligently to install your cooling system, ensuring your space is ready to take on the summer heat. We take pride in our ability to install your system on time and on budget, so you can rest assured you are receiving top-quality service at an economical price.

As a certified Lennox dealer, we take pride in ensuring client confidence in our work and have extensive experience installing major air conditioning brands. Get your home ready for summer with our professional air conditioner installation services.

For more information or to request an installation appointment, please contact us today!

High-Quality Heating & Cooling Services From A Company Who Cares

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Heating & Cooling Services

Let us make your home comfortable. With our comprehenisve service options, Dominion will make sure your home is the right temperature, no matter the season.

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Maintenance Plan

We'll be there when you need us. Dominion offers a comprehensive maintenance plan with annual inspections to make sure you're covered year round.

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Indoor Air Quality Services

We provide expert air duct cleaning, UV filtration, and more cost-saving solutions to improve the quality and comfort of your home's indoor air.