Programmable Thermostat Installation & Repair Services

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When it comes to indoor air comfort, we're experts. We believe that the luxury of quality air circulation shouldn't be a compromise. Dominion Services offers professional programmable thermostat installation and repair services so that your home stays well-balanced and comfortable 2/7, 365.

Programmable vs Non-Programmable

When you're beginning your search for a new thermostat, it's important to take every option into account. A programmable thermostat allows you to automatically set the temperature in your home based on a pre-determained schedule, such as before bed or first thing in the morning. This option also promotes energy efficiency and can save you up to 33% on heating and cooling costs.

A non-programmable thermostat will stay the same temperature all day long and requires you to manually change the temperature setting in order to regulate room temperature. Programmable thermostats, however, make keeping your home comfortable easy and effortless. Dominion Services offers professional, Brighton, MI programmable thermostat installation services to ensure your home is comfortable all year long, no matter the weather.

Don't wait to upgrade or replace your thermostat. Contact the experts at Dominion Services to schedule your programmable thermostat installation & repair services.

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Heating & Cooling Services

Let us make your home comfortable. With our comprehenisve service options, Dominion will make sure your home is the right temperature, no matter the season.

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We'll be there when you need us. Dominion offers a comprehensive maintenance plan with annual inspections to make sure you're covered year round.

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